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Holcomb Mediation Center exists to help real families resolve real problems without resorting to expensive and grinding litigation. Yes, family problems do happen, from divorce, custody, support issues, separation, juvenile problems, pre-nuptial agreements, probate, wills, and so on. All can be handled in court. The question is, why?

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Almost any couple wants to avoid a bitter and costly divorce. In this process, however, it’s almost inevitable to encounter significant conflicts that draw out proceedings into a time-consuming and money-consuming battle. When this happens, not only are you burdened with steep expenses, your family relations are also unnecessarily strained, and especially if you have children.

An ideal alternative to courtroom divorce is mediation. This legal process resolves divorce conflicts with the help of an independent and neutral professional Mediator. The Mediator facilitates a formal Agreement between you and your spouse, to equitably divide your marital estate. All issues are covered, including custody of the children, retirement concerns, the marital home, support issues, and anything else that matters to both of you.

If you are a parent, divorce mediation is particularly helpful. This process allows both you and your spouse to make joint decisions about your children. As mediation is usually a more peaceful process, your children can be spared much of the emotional trauma associated with the inevitable changes inherent in divorce. This has real value.

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You can choose to mediate all potential issues involved in divorce. The four most common stressors in divorce are spousal support (alimony), child support, parenting time, and divisions of assets and debts. The process of mediation can help resolve all these issues in a less-formal setting, more quickly, less expensively, and more successfully.

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At the Holcomb Mediation Center, we have Virginia Supreme Court Certified Mediators and Attorney-Mediators, well versed in Virginia Family Law. It’s what we do.

Hampton Roads Family Law Mediation Services

child custody mediation in Virginia

Parenting, Child Custody, And Child Support

Issues of custody, visitation, (parenting time), and child support are always emotional, stressful, and usually extremely expensive to fight over. Even more reason to maintain some input and control in the process. It’s either the parents who will decide or a “stranger in a black dress”, namely, a Judge. Why not you?

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Deciding Between Litigated Divorce And Mediated Divorce

Family court Judges and almost all of the legal community at large prefer mediated divorce over courtroom divorce. Surely, there are cases more suited to one or the other. Know the pros and cons of these two proceedings to determine which will work best for your specific case.

property and asset division mediation

Financial Matters In Divorce

Money issues during separation are fairly high-stakes and often complex. At the conclusion of the divorce, financial decisions are legally enforced. In a mediation process, you and your spouse can navigate this legal maze while protecting your finances with informed decisions. Divorce mediation is a process where you and your spouse can iron out money disputes while protecting both your finances with informed decisions.

property and asset division mediation

Mediation is Not Just for Family Law

Our Mediators are certified/experienced in both General and Family Mediation and have helped resolve multiple types of disputes: Business, Civil, Community, and Personal, even Church disputes! Mediation is highly effective at resolving disputes and minimizing costs of course, but sometimes more importantly, while doing all that – Mediation can also save relationships. Usually not so in Court!

Why Choose Holcomb Mediation Center?

At the Holcomb Mediation Centers, we have experienced Virginia State Supreme Court Certified Mediators and Attorney-Mediators. You can be assured that your Mediator is well-trained, highly competent, and professional. We always uphold the highest standards in mediation:

What you can rely on here:


Fully neutral third-party Mediation. Any advice or suggestions are provided to both parties, or all parties if there are more than two, with full explanation of advantages or disadvantages to each party.


Certified Mediators. Our Virginia Supreme Court Certified Mediators and our Attorney-Mediators are well-versed and experienced in Virginia Family Law.


Court-Level Documentation. Our staff that drafts your Agreements or Consent Orders when your mediation is done are all legal professionals, either Attorneys or Paralegals. Your final product will be recognized by any local Court.


Final Resolution. In most cases, any mediated Agreement can be submitted to a Court to be “finalized” and thus legally enforceable, as either a Contract or an Order.


Confidentiality. Our Attorneys and Mediators are ethically and morally bound to keep the personal and sensitive aspects of your case completely confidential forever.


The decisions you make during divorce affect your entire life. This is serious stuff for serious professionals. We can help.


Mediators are neutral third partners, trained to keep the procedure fair and balanced for both parties. We ensure that both parties’ desires and rights are addressed.


In this Mediation practice, we are highly experienced in Virginia family law. With this proficiency, we can guide parties toward the most favorable legal arrangements for both of them.


You can trust us with the personal and sensitive aspects of your case. It is our ethical responsibility to keep confidential everything you share with us, from your first phone cal, all the way to your final Agreement.

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