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Holcomb Mediation Center helps you and your spouse resolve divorce issues more peacefully, favorably, and for less cost. This is the Holcomb assurance.

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Any couple wants to avoid a bitter, costly divorce. However, in this process, it’s almost inevitable to encounter significant conflicts that draw out the proceedings into a time-consuming and expensive battle. When this happens, not only are you burdened with steep expenses, your family relationships are also strained, especially if you have children.

An ideal alternative to courtroom divorce is mediation. This is the legal process of resolving divorce conflicts with the help of an independent, neutral professional known as the mediator. The mediator facilitates an agreement between you and your spouse, letting you make sound decisions about your future as individuals while also keeping it fair and reasonable for all concerned.

If you are a parent, divorce mediation is particularly recommended. This process allows both you and your spouse to make joint decisions about your children. As mediation is a more peaceful process, your children are also spared much of the emotional trauma associated with separation.

You can opt to mediate for all potential issues around a divorce. The four most common matters addressed by mediation are spousal support (alimony), child support, parenting, and division of assets and debts. These are some of the most difficult divorces issues, but mediation can help resolve them quickly, inexpensively, and peacefully.

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At Holcomb Mediation Center, we are not just licensed mediators, we are also attorneys who are well-versed in Virginia family law. Contact us today to set up a consultation with our lawyer-mediators.

Hampton Roads Family Law Mediation Services

Parenting, Child Custody, And Child Support

Despite your legal separation with your spouse, you want to make sure your child is nurtured well. If you and your spouse don’t agree on certain parenting matters such as child custody, visitation, and child support, mediation helps both of you work together for your child’s welfare.

Financial Matters In Divorce

Money issues during separation are highly complex. Remember that at the conclusion of divorce, financial decisions are legally enforced. With mediation, you and your spouse can navigate this legal maze while protecting your finances with informed decisions.

Deciding Between Litigated Divorce And Mediated Divorce

Family courts and the legal community at large prefer mediated divorce over courtroom divorce. Know the pros and cons of these two proceedings to determine which would work best for your specific case.

The Mediation Process

With the lawyer-mediators at Holcomb Mediation Center, you are assured that your mediating third-party is highly competent and professional. We always uphold high standards in mediation:

  • The decisions you make during divorce affects your whole life, so we are here to help you and your spouse stay rational, reasonable, and calm.
  • We are a neutral third-party, keeping the procedure balanced for both of you. We ensure that no one steps on either of your rights.
  • As lawyer-mediators, we are highly experienced in Virginia family law. With this proficiency, we can guide you towards the most favorable legal arrangements.
  • You can trust us with the personal and sensitive aspects of your separation. It is our code to keep private everything you share with us, from your first phone call up to your final agreement.

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