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If you are considering a Virginia divorce mediation, it is wise to be aware of certain state laws and rules that apply to this process.

The Role Of A Virginia Divorce Mediator

A divorce mediator is a “third-party neutral” who has special training and credentials to facilitate an agreement between a separating couple. The operative word there is “facilitate.” A mediator does not make decisions for the parties nor dictate what either spouse has to do. Instead, this professional guides the parties toward potential resolution, hopefully enabling them to make good decisions for themselves, without resort to the “stranger in the black dress” (a judge) making decisions about their lives for them.

The mediator helps ensure that along the way, the spouses are able to work through any antagonistic feelings and emotions so that they can rationally focus on the relevant issues. Divorcing couples have to “divide their stuff;” this is unavoidable.  It is part of the mediator’s role to help the couple understand how to fairly and equitably work through this division—this is called “Equitable Distribution.” The mediator is always neutral – he or she does not work for either party nor prioritize the desires or rights of one over the other.

Are All Mediators The Same?

No, they are not.  At Holcomb Mediation Center, we only employ only Attorney-Mediators and Virginia Supreme Court Certified Family Law Mediators who are equipped with extensive legal knowledge and experience; they are able to guide you through the legal process of your divorce. With at experience and education, we work hard to facilitate the win-win resolutions—a process that provides solid guidance and potential solutions that might impartially benefit both you and your spouse.

You and your spouse both have the right to hire your own respective legal counsel while mediation is in progress.  Typically, attorneys are not included in the mediation process since mediation is not adversarial, but they can later review whatever agreement/document mediation might produce—in fact, this is recommended.

How Much Does Virginia Divorce Mediation Cost?

At Holcomb Mediation Centers, you will pay a retainer deposit up front, the amount varies, depends on the facts of your case and what needs to be done.  We will discuss this with you at your initial intake consultation.  That is a bit vague we know, but we can say specifically is that the retainer is less than what our law firm requires for divorce or family litigation, and in mediation, parties pay that for both parties, not just for one.  In  other words, in a normal divorce scenario, to get professional help, both parties have to pay individual retainers to individual attorneys  out of the marital money just to get started.  So, mediation costs are less . . . and then approximately half of the normal investment.  Financial efficiency is a hallmark of mediation.  This is one of the main reasons why even wealthy clients are pursuing it as an option—to get the divorce—and keep some of their money afterward.  You will not be disappointed.

Hampton Roads Divorce Mediators

With Holcomb Mediation, you can expect an efficient and competent mediation process. We are dedicated professionals who will work hard to save you time and money, and above all, help you and your spouse achieve the best situation post-divorce. And since we are not just mediators, but Attorney-Mediators and/or Virginia Supreme Court Certified Family Law Mediators,  we can make our legal education and experience work to your and your spouse’s advantage.

Trust Holcomb Mediation Center to mediate all divorce issues such as contested divorce, marital settlements, co-parenting, spousal support (alimony), child custody, visitation, military divorce, grandparents’ rights, property division, and marital debt division.

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