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An Overview Of The Mediation Process In Virginia

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Mediation follows a procedure that is easier, shorter, and more flexible than divorce litigation. Take a look at the steps you can expect in your mediation with Holcomb Mediation Center:

  1. Initial communication. You may get in touch with our firm by phone, email, or via our website contact form. During our first conversation, we get to know you and the basic details of your divorce, and in turn, we advise you on how your mediation will potentially proceed.
  2. Contacting your spouse. Since mediation is a neutral process, our firm will need to speak with your spouse, letting him or her understand that our services are for both of you. We must emphasize that mediation is voluntary, so it is best that your spouse initiates contact with us.
  3. Mediation sessions. These are meetings where we discuss your divorce matters together. Many divorce cases take only two or three mediation sessions, and some even need just one session. Each session typically lasts two to four hours. In between meetings, we’ll give you a few weeks’ time to reflect on what has been discussed.
  4. Drafting the agreement. After you and your spouse have arrived at an agreement, our firm will help you write it down in a legal document known as the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU). We’ll give you ample time to review and/or revise this document before you sign it.
  5. Final meeting. Your mediation is now concluded. We’ll compile all the signed forms and documents that Virginia courts require to finalize your divorce – including your MOU. We’ll also advise you on how to proceed with your final court process.

These are the general steps. We can adjust this procedure based on your needs or your spouse’s, and we can also add other helpful steps such as supplementary consultations to ensure the success of mediating.

Throughout this process, Holcomb Mediation Center upholds high standards as lawyer-mediators. Your mediating procedure with us will consistently be:

  • The decisions you make during divorce affects your whole life, so we are here to help you and your spouse stay rational, reasonable, and calm.
  • We are a neutral third-party, keeping the procedure balanced for both of you. We ensure that no one steps on your rights and vice versa.
  • As lawyer-mediators, we are highly experienced in Virginia family law. With this proficiency, we can guide you towards the most favorable legal arrangements.
  • You can trust us with the personal and sensitive aspects of your separation. It is our code to keep private everything you share with us, from your first phone call up to your final agreement.

Does mediation sound like the right process for you and your spouse? Contact us at Holcomb Mediation Center to shedule a consultation.


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