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Couple successfully resolving issues in marriage with mediation

Divorce Mediation

A divorce does not always go smoothly, even when uncontested. As a matter of fact, the divorce process is full of conflicts and arguments, often drawing out the proceedings into a costly, time-consuming battle.

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The Mediation Process

Mediation is a relatively flexible process intended to suit the needs of you and your spouse. When you entrust Holcomb Law for your divorce mediation, you can be sure that the process will be guided by our core principles.

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Child Custody Mediation

The welfare and future of your child is a top concern during a divorce. As a loving parent, you want to ensure that your child gets the best nurturing despite you and your spouse’s separation.There are often, however, parenting matters that divorcing parents don’t agree on.

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Man and woman reviewing money with cash and calculater

Resolving Financial Matters

Divorce concludes with financial decisions that are legally enforced. You want to ensure that your finances today and in the future are protected during the decision-making process, especially since money issues make the most bitter, most complex arguments in divorce.

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Married couple looking over documents pertaining to divorce in mediation

Divorce vs. Mediation

Did you know that family courts in Virginia prefer mediated divorce over litigated divorce? There are excellent reasons why the legal community recommends mediation for divorcing couples instead of court. Take a look at these key differences.

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Married couple talking with lawyer

Divorce Mediation FAQs

Here are facts, frequently asked questions and answers to some questions you may have about mediated divorce in Virginia. Contact Us today to set up a free consultation with one of our experienced lawyer-mediators to answer more specific questions about your case.

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