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Meet Your Mediators

Wayne E. Holcomb

Like many of you, I ain’t from around these parts…! I was stationed here as a Navy pilot, and when I retired, I became a Virginia resident. I think life is good in Hampton Roads. My own small hometown in Kansas has now grown to a bustling population of 331, but it was less urban in my youth! My Midwestern family has been farmers and blue collar workers for as far back as we know.

I grew up in farm houses without indoor plumbing. Yep, so imagine where the “bathroom” was! (Winters were cold; that’s where I got my speed!) We had party line phones early on. No A/C. Then we moved to into a trailer house “in town.” I see now that, as far as amenities go, I was about a generation behind the rest of America, but it was not until I went to college, and saw what others had, that I realized how rural and poor we were. I really didn’t care. Still don’t.

Nearly everything I know that matters today I learned in church. I learned about service, that God is concerned about people who are hurting, and we should be too. I learned that we all have a destiny, a “calling,” for which we were born and built to achieve for God’s glory and our personal fulfillment. We all do.

I attended Oral Roberts University for my undergraduate degree. There I served as a Wing Chaplain and a Resident Advisor and lead missionary teams to various parts of the world in the summers. I became the first person in my family ever to graduate from college. I am not sure if my Mom cried because I graduated or because the tuition payments were coming to an end! My grandparents drove down to Tulsa; it was a big deal.

For the next era of my life, for 20 years, I flew airplanes off aircraft carriers for the U.S. Navy and served as a Naval Officer. I ended my career with more than 200 arrested landings on aircraft carriers. (By the way, do you know the definition of a successful carrier arrested landing? You walk away!) I also served as a squadron Legal Officer.

While serving on active duty, I was able to complete my Master’s Degree, an MBA, from Old Dominion University, working during the days and attending classes at night. When you start from nothing, you need to work hard to change your life. Many of you understand this.

It was in graduate school that I discovered mediation. What if Court was our last option, rather than the first? I set out to become a state certified Mediator in both General/Business mediation and also in Family Mediation. I did so in 2004 and have been preaching the virtues of mediation ever since to absolutely anyone who will listen! Look on our Mediation page–I tell you all about the “Mediation Miracle.”

Just before I retired from the Navy here in Virginia, I enrolled in law school at Regent University School of Law in Virginia Beach on the G.I. Bill. I had planned and waited for this day for nearly 20 years. I did not miss the school’s mantra about the law: “It’s More than a Profession; It’s a Calling.”

Colleen Holmes Holcomb

I was born into a wonderful consortium of huge Irish, Catholic families on the West Side of Cleveland, Ohio. Although I am the oldest of merely three children, my mom was one of ten, and hers was a relatively small family in that neighborhood. So we were constantly surrounded by aunts, uncles, and cousins—lots of cousins! Growing up, we not only knew everybody, but as my best friend would often remark when we went out and I would have to stop to talk to everybody we ran into, we were somehow related to everybody in town!

Having grown up knowing so many people so well, I developed a profound love for people, a desire to serve, and a determination to make it my life’s work to make people’s lives better, however possible. That led me to pursue careers in policy, ministry, and politics, but ultimately to a career in law.

I received my Bachelor’s degree in Political Science from Wellesley College, then my Juris Doctorate in Law, and my Master’s degree in Communications from Regent University.

Upon completing my education, I worked in the nonprofit sector for such organizations as the Flying Hospital International, the Christian Broadcasting Network, Operation Blessing, the Center for Law and Religious Freedom, and the Christian Legal Society, and most recently, before joining Holcomb Law, I served as the Executive Director of The Capitol Hill office of Eagle Forum, and as the director of Eagle Forum’s Political Action Committee. In addition to my duties with Holcomb Law, I am currently the Executive Director of the Republican National Coalition for Life.

I am thankful to have had such an exciting career, one that allowed me to meet so many remarkable people, and to have so many unique experiences, but I always hoped to have a family of my own. I was very fortunate later in my life to meet and marry Holcomb Law founder, Wayne Holcomb, a retired Navy pilot turned attorney (my Harmon Rabb!). He was well worth the wait, and, as if that weren’t enough, he came with a bonus, three of the most beautiful, kind, exceptional children I have ever met, Chandler, Camden, and Katie.

I’m honored to work with Wayne and the extraordinary Holcomb Law team to help Hampton Roads families navigate the often difficult and challenging paths that lead them to need to seek our services. I look forward to continuing to help our clients find the empathy, encouragement, and ultimately the answers they need to get through the temporary troubles and on with their lives.

Katherine Nace

Becoming a lawyer was my childhood dream, and I’m happy to report that years of practice have not dulled my passion! I consider it an absolute privilege to represent my Clients and to meet people “where they’re at”. My main practice is family and domestic relations law, and I know just how difficult it is to walk through a divorce, custody battle, or a protective order hearing. Because I understand these unique personal challenges and emotional battles, I consider it my responsibility to operate as a light in a dark place.

As a family law lawyer and certified mediator, I aim to help husbands and wives, fathers and mothers, family members and parents preserve their relationships for the sake of the children. As a mediator, I have the unique opportunity to help individuals come to a place where they can sit around a table and figure things out together without fighting to the death in court.

I practice in Hampton Roads and the greater Peninsula area, and I am familiar with many local Judges and courtrooms. I’ve done much criminal defense work in the past, but I’ve narrowed my practice so that I can really focus on family law.

As a graduate of Regent University School of Law and as a Hampton Roads resident, I truly value serving my community in a way that helps many families and individuals move forward.

In my free time, I’m an avid songwriter and I enjoy singing with my Church’s worship ministry. Plus, I’m a coffee enthusiast who loves burying my nose in a good book!

Kelly LaRue

I’m Kelly and I have been part of the Holcomb family for over 5 years now. I truly believe in our mission and what we stand for here and that makes it such a rewarding place to be.

A little bit about me: I grew up in Franklin, Virginia. I graduated from Christopher Newport University and continued on to graduate school at Longwood University where I got my masters in Criminal Justice. Before joining the Holcomb team, I worked for the Division of Child Support Enforcement for 4 years.

I live in Poquoson with my husband, Travis and our dog, Rigby. I’m also a new mom to a precious baby boy. Together, we enjoy watching movies, spending time with our friends, and planning trips to Disney World.